Be Exalted, O Lord!

Ps. 21:13 Be exalted, O Lord, in your strength!
We will sing and praise your power.

I lift You up, O Lord, for You are worthy of praise. I exalt You in my thinking and in my heart’s estimation of You, for You are great and greatly to be paised.
I depend upon Your tireless strength, for even when I am exhausted, You are fresh and new. You do not slumber or sleep – You are ever vigilant, ever watchful. You are mighty to lift me up when I am down. You are strong to hold me when I am prone to wander.
There is no power like Yours, O God. Who has created from nothing? Only You! Who sends the wind and the rain? Only You! Who has power to destroy, yet withholds destruction so that many may be saved? Only You! Your power in retraint is greater than the nations’ power in destruction.
Let my mouth be full of Your praise, O Most High! Help me sing aloud of Your strength and Your power.

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