From “Rhythms of Grace”

I’m being blessed and strengthened by the new book “Rhythms of Grace” by @mikecosper
Here’s what I’m pondering today (from the chapter entitled “Worship One, Two, Three”) –
“Worship scattered is the Spirit-filled life of the Christian in the world, and worship gathered is the meeting of God’s people to remember (the Gospel), encourage, and bless one another.”
He goes on to explain, “because we are united with God in Christ, our whole lives are now caught up in Jesus’ cosmic worship of the Father, and we once again participate in the glory-sharing life of God.” This is the essence of what Cosper calls “scattered worship.”
“Gathered worship” is “the work of the church — encouraging one another, and all the more as “the Day” approaches (see Heb. 10:23-25). The gathering of the church is one of the keys “for holding fast under the pressures of a broken world and the temptations to sin”
Cosper concludes this section with a great summary of the inter-connectedness of gathered and scattered worship:
“Gathered worship then feeds scattered worship, building up and equipping worshipers to live in the power and wonder of the gospel, able to persevere amid the trials that surround them. Likewise, scattered worship feeds gathered, as each worshiper brings his or her growth, suffering, and maturing faith to the gathering.” “Worship scattered and worship gathered go hand in hand, shaping and informing one another in the life of the worshiper. One without the other will inevitably be weakened.”

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