“Great is the Lord, and most worthy of praise…” Ps. 48:1

In this new day, You are worthy of praise. You are great, beyond what I can comprehend as great. I look at a mountain in its majesty, its massiveness, its height, its girth, its raw beauty…It is great, but not great as You are great.
I look at the sky. It extends over the earth, from one horizon to the other. It is filled with beauty, immensity, space, inpenetrability. It is filled with life, as the birds of the air fly to and fro, on courses that You have determined for them. They go here and there, they are great…the sky is great. It is filled with clouds, sometimes whisps of cotton, sometimes boulders of grey, sometimes dark in their furrows and threatening in their countenance. They are great, the sky is great. But they are not great like You, Lord.
I have seen the sky at night. It seems to go on into eternity. The stars in their courses represent worlds, so called, that are almost inconceivable in their distance from us…but they are there. You know the stars, you know the placement of each one. You brought each one into existence at its appointed time. You will extinguish each one at Your appointed hour. Though the stars and the planets are great, they are not great like You, O Lord.
Great is the Lord, and most worthy of praise…

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